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  • 15/08/2013

Why is there always condensation on my windows?


Why is there always condensation on my windows?

Why do I always have condensation on my windows? What can I do about it?

Condensation happens when water vapour in the air changes to liquid water. There can be many causes but put simply it generally occurs in the atmosphere when warm air rises, as it cools down it loses its capacity to hold water vapour.

Water vapour then condenses on cool surfaces to form liquid water which is why often you will see windows with condensation on them. Clouds form in the same manner and produce rain – a natural occurance in our environment every day and one that is very important to our water cycle.

Condensation in the home

New and old buildings suffer from the effects of condensation and quite often when people see condensation forming the make an assumption that they may have a damp problem – sometimes diagnosed as rising or penetrating damp.

Few people realise though that as homes are becoming better insulated against the outdoors –¬†condensation forming is on the increase.

Signs of condensation

Small droplets of water forming on the inside of window panes is often the first sign of evidence that condensation is a problem. Glass usually has a lower temperature than the fabric of the wall and so it is a natural place to look for signs of condensation forming. Windows are not actually the cause of condensation, they are simply an indication of a condensation problem.

Did you know that a typical family of four in a three bedroom property can generate as much as 18 gallons of water per week as a result of cooking, bathing or by just keeping house plants?

So why is condensation a problem in so many homes? Well the answer is….. double glazed windows and doors and often very little or no ventilation means this moisture gets trapped within the home.


Is condensation bad for the home?

Yes! it can cause mould growth, and is commonly seen around windows and external corners of the walls. Doing nothing about this can cause real long terms problems in the home, usually ending up with constant re-decorating and it can also cause timber window frames in particular to deteriorate rapidly.

And to top things off, evidence suggests that condensation in the home and mould can have health implications too!

Can you treat condensation in the home?

Unfortunately no you can’t but you can try to control it. We have listed some steps that you can take to try to reduce the humidity in your home which will help you control condensation better.

  • Try to avoid using gas heaters.
  • Install extractor fans in rooms where humidity is likely – kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Ensure all appliances such as clothes dryers are vented properly.
  • Periodically open windows in the home
  • Use a dehumidifier
  • Ensure your windows are fitted with trickle vents which are part of the window frame. These can be opened and closed as required.

Here at Kwikframes we manufacture windows and doors to the highest standards and offer a range of options that can help you combat the issues of condensation in the home.

Please get in touch if we can be of any further assistance with your door and window needs.