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  • 01/02/2014

Average cost of replacing Double Glazing in a home


Average cost of replacing Double Glazing in a home

Is your Double Glazing amazing?

Have you given consideration to the value that can come from replacing your double glazing? Replacing the double glazing on your property is a fantastic way to improve the appearance and wow factor of your home. Some of the factors that go into making this decision and the average costs can be found below.

There is no doubt that the costs in replacing double glazing can be intimidating, but if you take the time to factor in certain design and styling choices the costs can be mitigated and greatly reduced. For homeowners in the market to move, an immediate positive outcome for replacing double glazing is the attractiveness and immediate appeal of your home. Alongside the potential increase in the market value of your property. New windows bring other benefits such as a warmer, more insulated home with less draughts and cold spots. Having new windows and doors fitted will also insulate against outside noise pollution making your home more quiet and peaceful. A reduction in bills a big positive that replacing windows can bring.

According to the Energy Saving Trust upgrading from single pane to double glazing can save you up to £120 per year dependent on your type of property.

With double glazing that can last up to 20 years and beyond, this can be a saving of £2400.

Without a doubt the biggest single factor in determining the cost of replacement double glazing will come down to how many doors and windows you are replacing. Do all windows and doors even need to be replaced? What type of frame and glass are you going for? Careful consideration is required and a fundamental starting point is to get as wide a range of quotes as possible. As this will give you a more informed idea of average pricing and installation costs. Of course at this point, the design of replacement double glazing will come into play, more details of style and variety can be found below.

Arm yourself with this knowledge and you have a good starting point of the actual costings that are involved.

Type, style and average cost of replacing Double Glazing in a home.

The most cost effective frame type is a Upvc casement window, this is the standard frame and design, which we see on many homes in the UK and the comparable price is usually lower than that of the more exclusive frame and glass types. Georgian style double glazing is a popular choice with its elegant and understated look, which combines historic styling with contemporary design.

Sash windows, again, are more expensive but an excellent choice if you want to keep the character of your home. Most frames are available in natural wood colouring which has a fantastic look that retains character and blends well but is often the more expensive option at around 15 – 20% higher costs then that of white Upvc windows.

Other considerations such as security on downstairs or low level windows are catered for by the tilt and turn designed window, which retains good ventilation without allowing easy access to the property. The choices at this point are huge and can be bewildering but a reputable manufacturer will take the time to go through all the options.

Below is a list of average costings for double glazing replacement, these are averages and are based on Upvc frames. Extra elements such as fixtures and fittings would, of course, have an input on final price.

Typical three bedroomed home double glazing costs.

For a three bedroomed terraced house with 6 replacement windows the average cost for casement windows would be around £2500 whilst the sash designed windows would cost around £4500

Typical semi detached home double glazing costs.

For a semi-detached home with 10 windows it will be around £3500 for the casement design and around £6000 for sash windows.

Typical large detached home double glazing costs.

Looking at the costs for a large detached property with 17 windows, it will be, on average, £5500 for casement windows and for sash windows that can increase to around £10,000

Again, for the most accurate and detailed costs getting a wide range of quotes from reputable manufacturers is the best way to know full the expenditure. These prices should only be used as a guide as each project is unique so do feel free to contact us for a Free Double Glazing estimate in Yorkshire.

Improvements to your windows does cost, but the benefits are there and most of these benefits are instant. It can be daunting but this decision could future proof your home for some time and make it a more pleasant environment with the added bonus of potentially increasing the resale value.

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