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  • 30/10/2013

Common myths about UPVC Double Glazing


Common myths about UPVC Double Glazing

Common myths about UPVC Double Glazing…

I have heard that UPVC windows go yellow…

Many years ago yellowing UPVC was a problem but advancements in the material have pretty much eradicated that problem. That is of course if the material being used by the double glazing manufacturer is of a good standard and quality.

UPVC profile manufacturers are much better nowadays and rest assured that here at Kwikframes we only use the very best and actually the worlds leading UPVC profile made by Kommerling.

These days you just don’t get problems of this nature.



Do PVCu windows creak when they get sun on them?

When plastic heats up in the sun you can often hear it creak as it gets warm and expands. This is typically the case for things like guttering. UPVc windows and doors however do not suffer the same problem so long as when being manufactured they have been re-enforced where needed. This will make sure that you don’t hear any signs of expansion coming from your PVCu doors and windows.


Why do I get condensation on the glass of my windows?

Condensation is a problem most homes face and strangely enough this is becoming more and more common as people try to super insulate their homes and prevent drafts. Little do they realise that actually using things such as trickle vents can help reduce this problem. Air circulation in the home is important to aide in the prevention of condensation build up. For more details on this topic please read this article about Condensation here.


Do I have to have planning permission to replace wooden windows with upvc double glazing?

This one is neither true or false to be honest as this does depend on various factors. For most homeowners however, the installation of UPVC double glazed windows and doors will not require any planning permission – but if you live in an area of conservation or your building is listed then you should check carefully with local planning offices first.

But like we said, installing upvc windows and doors for the most part does not require planning permission – better to check first if in doubt.