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  • 25/02/2014

Energy Efficient Windows – should you care?


Energy Efficient Windows – should you care?

Energy Efficient Windows – Why should you care if your windows are?

At KwikFrames we manufacture quality A rated windows that are reliable and designed from the ground up to be extremely energy efficient, durable and very long lasting. With energy efficiency being an important discussion from central government through to households all around the UK this blog is aimed at providing you with information on the elements, which effect the energy efficiency of windows. You can be assured that at KwikFrames we take this drive for energy efficiency very seriously we know that windows that are energy efficient can lead to savings and better designed windows are a benefit for the company and the customer.

Manufactured windows that are sold and installed in the UK are given a rating by an independent body call the BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council) The rating tells you at a quick glance how energy efficient your windows are. The ratings are shown by the easy to read Window Energy Rating traffic light image. Very similar to the energy ratings we now see on white goods and even property adverts the Window Energy Rating stickers give an easy to interpret quick glance view of the overall energy efficiency the window. The stickers show an energy efficiency letter equivalent and the ratings on the stickers run from A to G with A being the most efficient. Windows rated between A and C are eligible to carry an Energy Saving Recommended sticker.

Why are Energy Efficient windows important?

Knowing the energy efficiency of the windows without the information provided by the Window Energy Rating sticker is almost impossible to tell. The stickers give this crucial information and provide the customer with the required knowledge and guidance. Working out the energy efficiency of the windows is carried out by the BFRC using a formula devised to be applied to all the manufactured windows. This gives a fair approach to the rating and is a uniform method that provides accurate results.

Factors, which determine the energy efficiency of windows

The type of glazing material used will effect the energy efficiency of your windows. Further to this the number of glazing layers the window has. Triple glazing is more common in Scandinavian countries but it can also be found installed in the UK. The size of the cavity between layers and what sort of gas is between the cavity layers. The type of frame used can also have an effect on the energy efficiency though all common frame material can be made to be energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Windows – What do they measure?

The energy efficiency rating given to a manufactured window is affected by three factors. The first is how much heat the windows lose over time. It is important to note that it is also the frame and casing along with the glazing which are measured. To be more energy efficiency windows are required to lose as little heat as possible, which makes it cheaper and more efficient to heat up your property. It has been calculated that up to 26% of the heat in your home can be lost through windows, installing energy efficient windows can reduce this. The biggest gains are found when a home is upgraded from single to double glazing. However, the difference between upgrading your double glazing to energy efficient double glazing can also of large benefit.

The second factor is solar gain, which is essentially how much heat the windows allow in. This is called the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). Allowing heat into the home, again, is a key element in reducing heating bills. If the window is designed in such a way that heat is allowed through and then stopped from escaping then it is designed with energy efficiency in mind. The final factor in determining the windows energy efficiency rating is how much air is lost through windows this is called air leakage. The formula calculated from these three factors determine the rating the window will get. With greater knowledge, competition and encouragement from the government window manufactures are designing better and more energy efficient windows all the time.

Energy Efficient Windows – Savings

The GGF have an energy efficiency estimated savings calculator, which can be accessed here:


Using this calculator shows that upgrading to energy efficient windows can save thousands of pounds on your energy bills over a 20 year period. This is dependent on the type of home you live, the windows you install and other factors but it is a clear indication that upgrading can be financially beneficial.

Ok so there you have it some further information on energy efficient windows. Installing them can be a financial benefit in the long term and an immediate benefit in regards to having a warmer home. The windows that we supply at Kwikframes are manufactured to the highest standards and examples can be found here:

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