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  • 30/07/2013

Do I need planning permission for UPVC Double Glazing?


Do I need planning permission for UPVC Double Glazing?

Do I Need Planning Permission for UPVC Double Glazing?

This is a topic that needs careful consideration as of course one does not wish to go to the expense of installing new UPVC Windows and Doors only to find that it causes problems with local council planning rules later down the line.

It is true that there are many practical benefits to Double Glazing and that insulating the home is a high priority for many people due to high heating costs. But double glazing offers lots of other benefits too such as noise reduction and better control of condensation in the home too.

It is usually a good idea to contact your local planning authority before you begin any home improvement project, to find out whether or not you need planning permission.

In most circumstances, you will not need permission for double glazing. Any change to the home is usually minimal and will not have an adverse impact on your neighbours or neighbourhood. However there are some exceptions;

  • Properties designated as being a listed building
  • Properties in a conservation area
  • Properties under an article 4 direction
  • Flats

The Planning Application Process

 To apply for planning permission from your local authority, you must submit the following:

  • completed planning application forms,
  • drawings to scale that show the way the building currently looks and the way it will look with the proposed changes, and
  • all applicable fees

The application process can be quite involved, and so there is potential for making errors. It could be a good idea to get someone who has experience with planning applications to submit your application for you. Sometimes a small fee can be worth it as mistakes on your application can lead to delays and even worse more cost if you need to re-submit.

How long does a planning application take?

Once a planning application is submitted, it takes about eight weeks to get a decision. This may seem a long time really and can be frustrating so better to get the application as soon as you can if one is needed as then the local authority can then begin considering the external appearance of the building you want to change and the impact the proposed changes will have on your home and the surrounding area.